Crafted Rox

Welcome to Crafted Rox, where we believe that every piece of stone carries a unique story waiting to be told. Nestled in the heart of Albania, a land rich in natural treasures, our vision transcends borders, drawing inspiration from the heritage of neighboring Italy and Greece. Our legacy is forged from decades of passion, craftsmanship, and a deep connection to the earth’s treasures. We are not just a company; we are storytellers who give voice to the silent whispers of stone, crafting each masterpiece with unwavering care. Our journey began with a commitment to source only the most exceptional materials from our own exclusive quarries.
At Crafted Rox, we orchestrate unparalleled product experiences through “custom creativity.” Your imagination is the blueprint, and our seasoned team of artisans transforms your vision into reality. Be it a luxurious marble sink, a captivating stone mosaic, or a bespoke piece of art, we sculpt stories that resonate with your soul. Our dedication to exclusivity means that every piece is a testament to your individuality.

Where Legacy Meets Innovation

Natural Stones

Nature’s canvas is vast and varied, and our natural stone collection is a tribute to its diversity.

Stone Mosaics

Unleash your creativity with our stone mosaics, where individual pieces unite to create breathtaking stories.


Mined exclusively from our very own quarries, each piece reflects the timeless beauty of nature’s design.

Art in Stone

In our “Art in Stone” collection, the boundaries of creativity are boundless.

Join the Crafted Rox Family: Unveiling Possibilities

Whether you’re a visionary individual shaping your personal haven, a builder crafting communities, a marble manufacturer seeking exclusive blocks, or a retailer looking to adorn your shelves with exclusivity, Crafted Rox welcomes you with open arms. Our stones aren’t just products; they are the embodiment of our legacy and your story. At Crafted Rox, stones aren’t mere matter – they are the keepers of tales, and we are here to help those tales unfold, one masterpiece at a time. Reach out to us, and let’s craft a story that will be whispered through the ages – a story that begins with you.

Whats next?

Just like a dating site, Crafted Rox brings together those who love stories with the captivating history woven into our breathtaking stone masterpieces Our aim is simple and clear: to continue excelling in our craft, staying true to what we do best, just as we’ve successfully done for decades.